We respect our customers and their privacy. We do not telemarket. We do not sell or rent customer information to anyone.

Both the dynamic version and the traditional HTML version of our catalog use a cookie only to identify contents of your shopping cart before placing an order. We do participate in conversion tracking programs offered by Google, Yahoo and other search engines which use a cookie placed by the search engine to track the number of search users that place orders. The statistics produced by these programs help us decide if the cost of advertising on search engines is worthwhile. These programs apply only if you found us using a search engine and agreed to accept their cookie.

We store customer names, addresses, email addresses and phone numbers in our database. We need this information so we can find your order if you ask us about it, so we can tell you when your order ships, and so you can use the “Remember Me” feature instead of typing your address on every order.

Our website uses the latest “128-bit” SSL encryption to keep your information secure. Our site is regularly audited by credit card companies and other third-party organizations to ensure that information you share with us cannot be extracted by anyone else.

We use your phone number only to contact you about a problem filling or delivering your order. We may use your e-mail (or regular mail) address to let you know about special promotions, newsletters or other events. Each e-mail sent is accompanied by the option to unsubscribe from our mailing list. If we send you mail you find annoying, just tell us and we’ll take you off our list.