Rebuilt Long Blocks by Roadmaster Engine World

Our remanufactured long block engine offers an 18 month unlimited mileage warranty.  Certain engines offer a 3 year/100,000 warranty. Every Roadmaster Engine World remanufactured long block engine is assembled with only the highest quality name brand components. Each engine includes a new gasket set and oil pump.  Long block consists of the assembled block, crankshaft, cylinder head, camshaft  and valve train. A long block does not include fuel system, electrical, sensors, intake, and exhaust components, as well as other components.

Short blocks are falling into disfavor because by the time you buy the short block and the mandatory lifters, gaskets, oil pump and such you end up spending more money than you would have spent buying a long block in the first place. Also if you buy the short block you may have to pay your mechanic more money to install it because it takes more time and then when it’s all finished the engine warranty only covers the bottom (short) half of the engine. See, you’ve got to buy gaskets just to put it together. It would be nuts to put an engine in without a new oil pump. The camshaft warranty is no good without new lifters and besides it’s just good policy, etc. You get the idea.

There’s only one way to achieve proper surface finishes and geometry on crankshafts: QPAC Micropolishing Equipment. Roadmaster Engine World is one of the only remanufactured engine companies in this area that has the QPAC micropolishing machine. This micropolishing procedure is done on every crankshaft we supply to our customers whether it’s in a crank kit, a long block or short block application. Roadmaster Engine World crankshafts are profilometer tested for finish quality and integrity. Strict quality control standards and the latest technological advances are combined to ensure and secure that all production expectations are met. In taking this extra step on each of our crankshafts, this improves the RPM and fuel efficiency in each of our remanufactured, rebuilt engine applications.

The Roadmaster Engine World remanufactured long block engine meets the high standards of Roadmaster’s remanufacturing process at an affordable price! Every engine is tested to eliminate problems prior to actual engine installation. The Roadmaster Engine World remanufactured long block engine offers a competitive warranty at a fair market price!

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