Crank Shafts & Cylinder Heads

All Roadmaster Crankshafts are oven cleaned and inspected for cracks and damage. Only Crankshaft’s meeting Roadmaster’s rigorous quality standards are put into production. Front stub and rear main areas are inspected at three separate points in the machining process for flaws that might affect performance in the field. Crankshaft machining will match final tolerances dictated by O.E. and bearing sets manufacturer specifications.

There’s only one way to achieve proper surface finishes and geometry on crankshafts: QPAC Micropolishing Equipment. Roadmaster is one of the only remanufactured engine companies in this area that has the QPAC micropolishing machine. This micropolishing procedure is done on every crankshaft we supply to our customers whether it’s in a crank kit, a long block or short block application. Roadmaster crankshafts are profilometer tested for finish quality and integrity. Strict quality control standards and the latest technological advances are combined to ensure and secure that all production expectations are met. In taking this extra step on each of our crankshafts, this improves the RPM and fuel efficiency in each of our remanufactured, rebuilt engine applications.

Roadmaster Crankshaft Kits include matched rod and main bearing sets from only top quality brand name manufacturers. Every Roadmaster engine crankshaft is assembled with only the highest quality name brand components. The Roadmaster Premium Engine Crankshafts meet the high standards of Roadmaster’s re-manufacturing process at an affordable price! Every engine is tested to eliminate problems prior to actual engine installation.

Roadmaster Engine World remanufactured cylinder heads are cleaned and straightened using an oven process. All Roadmaster Engine World heads are surfaced for O.E. fit, small components are cleaned and inspected. Castings are pressure checked and inspected to meet factory tolerances. We install new valve seals and keepers along with bronze guide liners or new guides. Overhead cam heads are available with or without camshaft, according to customer preference. Valves and seats are machined and matched using a Serdi 100 three angle valve machine for perfect “concentricity.” Every Roadmaster Engine World remanufactured cylinder head is assembled with only the highest quality name brand components. The valve train is installed and adjusted for problem free start up.

The Roadmaster Engine Crankshafts and Cylinder Heads offer a competitive warranty at a fair market price!

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