Core Return Policy

Our engines are sold on an “exchange basis.” This means that when we send you a rebuilt Roadmaster engine, we want to get your old engine in exchange. Your old engine is then stripped down and rebuilt from the ground up for our next customer. Without this exchange process, the supply of engines to rebuild would quickly dry up. Thus, a rebuildable engine core is very valuable. This process literally recycles engines, which is incredibly important to those of you who need a replacement engine.

The Core Charge is a deposit you pay until returning your old engine core you have removed from your vehicle. Set up as a “recycling” program, this charge is refunded to you if the core you return is a good core.

Returning your engine core is not a requirement but is helpful.

If for any reason a core is not returned within the 60 days allowed, the core deposit will not be refunded.

Some of the core exchanges we receive are in great shape, and the customer is reimbursed the engine core deposit. But this is becoming more and more rare.

In the end, we want to sell you an engine that you can trust 100%. We have a fantastic track record, so the proof is in the pudding. If we were to turn a blind eye toward the quality of the cores we receive, the next customer in line would receive an inferior motor. The question is this: What if that next customer was you?

Customers are required to return the same year and displacement engine as purchased to receive a refund.

Return freight will be deducted from the Core Deposit before a refund check is issued.

Return Guidelines:

  1. Cores must be complete, fully assembled, and in rebuildable condition in order to receive full core credit. A box of parts does not constitute a rebuildable core. Missing or damaged components will be subject to a deduction in core credit.
  2. Core must be visually remanufacturable.
    • engine rotates 360 degrees by hand
    • crank is not cracked or broken (pro rated if block and head(s) are good)
    • block is not cracked or broken
    • connecting rods are not bent, cracked, twisted or spun (pro rated if block and head(s) are good)
  3. Core must not be damaged by chemical, fire, excessive exposure, rust or mishandling.
  4. Core must be drained of all fluids. If your replacement engine was shipped on a pallet, the return core must be wrapped like it was shipped and secured to the pallet.
  5. Core must be returned within 60 days of purchasing the replacement engine to receive credit.
  6. Upon receipt, we will inspect the core and refund the core charge, less any missing or damaged non-wear parts.
  7. Core credits will only be determined after we examine the core. We inspect cores in the order they arrive, and—depending on our workload—refunds can take up to 30 days from the date your core arrives. Please know that we will do everything we can to get your core checked out and the cash back in your pocket as fast as possible!