5 Things Shady Car Dealers Try To Sneak Past You

Shady car dealers are becoming quite adept at sneaking things into purchase documents. To the point where car buyers today have no idea that they signed away many of their legal rights – until it is too late. Here are the top five things most car buyers miss in the paperwork they sign when buying a car. Arbitration Clauses Many dealers are now slipping binding arbitration clauses into their purchase agreements. Do you later think that the dealer defrauded you? If so, you might not be able to sue them. You may have to file an arbitration claim with an organization hand-picked in advance by the car dealer. Guess whose side they are on? Shortened Statute of Limitations Many car dealers are now taking advantage of a little known section of the Uniform Commercial Code that allows them to shorten the statute of limitations on any claims against them to one year. If you found out later that you had somehow been ripped off you’d better get to an attorney before that one year runs out if this clause was hidden in your paperwork. Without this clause, you’d have four years in most states. Statements Made by Salespeople Are Unenforceable … Continue reading 5 Things Shady Car Dealers Try To Sneak Past You