Engine Core Deposit Is A Necessity In Remanufacturing Engines.

Engine Core Deposit When you purchase a rebuilt engine from Roadmaster, you are required to pay an engine core deposit called a “core charge” until we have assessed the condition of your old engine (your “core”). We get a lot of questions regarding this policy (which is, by the way, an industry standard), and we want to take the opportunity to explain our core charge procedure thoroughly. Core Exchange Basis Our engines are sold on an “exchange basis.” This means that when we send you a rebuilt Roadmaster engine, we have to get your old engine in exchange. Your old engine is then stripped down and rebuilt from the ground up for our next customer. Without this exchange process, the supply of engines to rebuild would quickly dry up. Thus, a rebuildable engine core is very valuable. This process literally recycles engines, which is incredibly important to those of you who need a replacement engine. Replacement Engines So, your engine has given up the ghost, and now you need a Roadmaster domestic, import or diesel replacement. There are numerous reasons why your original engine failed, and we have to address those issues. If you’ve had a catastrophic failure, such as … Continue reading Engine Core Deposit Is A Necessity In Remanufacturing Engines.