SOHC, AFM, EGR, VVT??? What Is This?

Automotive abbreviations can be confusing at times.  Many times acronyms and abbreviations are used when buying an engine. Don’t know your SOHC from your socks? Here is a quick lookup and reference guide for all those acronyms and abbreviations that you’ll find around the car industry. Some of these will be very important to know when you’re buying a replacement engine for your vehicle. Automotive Abbreviations BBL: One barrel carburetor 2BBL: Two barrel carburetor 4BBL: Four barrel carburetor AWD: All Wheel Drive FWD: Front Wheel Drive RWD: Rear Wheel Drive 2WD: Two wheel drive 4WD: Four wheel drive A.I.R.: Air Injection Reactor A/T:  Automatic Transmission M/T: Manual Transmission S/T: Standard Transmission ACC.: Accessory AFM: Active Fuel Management (formerly known as displacement on demand (DoD)) BDR: Bolt down rocker (non adjustable) CAM: Camshaft CARB: Carburetor CC: Cubic Centemeters MM: Millimeters L: Liter C.I.D.: Cubic Inch Displacement Ecotech: Emissions Control Optimization TECHnology DBL.: Double EXH: Exhaust INT: Intake MD: Medium Duty HD: Heavy Duty HI PERF: High Performance HYD: Hydraulic MECH: Mechanical OEM: Original Equipment Manufacture RAM: Ram Air Manifold V.I.N.: Vehicle Identification Number w/: With w/o: without A/C: Air Conditioning AUX: Auxiliary NAT. GAS: Natural Gas CNG: Compressed Natural Gas LPG: Liquid Propane Gas CAT CONV: Catalytic Converter CYL:  Cylinder MLS: Multiple Layers of Stainless Steel E.G.R.: Exhaust Gas Recirculation NGC: Next Generation Controllers JTEC: Jeep Truck Engine Controller SBEC: Single Board Engine Controller VTEC: Variable (valve) Timing Electronic Control VVT: Variable Valve Timing ECM: Engine Control Module HO: High Output SHO: Super High Output … Continue reading SOHC, AFM, EGR, VVT??? What Is This?