Car Battery Corrosion Causes and Cleaning It.

Your car battery is extremely important and allows your vehicle to start and function. Battery corrosion or acid leakage is a sign of a failing battery. Battery terminals, posts, and even cables will display a fuzzy, gritty white, blue, or green substance. Why Does Battery Corrosion Form on Car Batteries? If your battery is suffering from battery corrosion at the posts preventing it from charging, you may be five minutes and a little baking soda away from starting your engine. But what is all that battery corrosion around the battery post? Corrosion is a product of chemical reactions inside and outside of the battery. While batteries warm up from charging, a small amount sulfuric acid, known as battery acid, leaks from the vents of the battery. When it comes in contact with the lead posts, it reacts to form battery corrosion. Also, the contact between different metals in the battery post and battery terminals can form battery corrosion as well. If the battery corrosion is purely white with a grainy or powdery texture, the battery could have missed a few cleanings, the posts were not protected from corrosion, or the battery may be leaking. When the battery corrosion is purely … Continue reading Car Battery Corrosion Causes and Cleaning It.