Increasing Your Gas Mileage.

Increasing gas miles takes a little effort but adds up to a lot of savings. Tire pressure needs to be accurate as indicated in the door jam sticker on the driver’s side. Always fill them cold, after having sat idle for more than 6 hours. Potential fuel savings:  6-11% over under inflated tires Air filter replacement every 12,000 miles Potential fuel savings:  as much as 10% Stay around 60-65mph (fuel economy tends to drop-off at higher speeds) Potential fuel savings:  7-23% Oil change every 5,000 miles (with recommended grade motor oil) Potential fuel savings:  1-2% Easing up on the accelerator and gentle braking Potential fuel savings:  5-12% Removing roof racks and roof storage bins Potential fuel savings:  1-6% Cleaning-out weight (aka junk) – an extra 100 pounds can reduce MPG by as much as 2% Potential fuel savings:  1-2% per 100 lbs. Turning OFF air conditioner Potential fuel savings:  negligible Satisfaction and peace of mind is what you experience when buying from Roadmaster.  You won’t find better customer service and the thoroughness we offer to make sure what you’re looking for is correct.  We know that’s what you expect.  Buy from Roadmaster and you won’t be disappointed. Contact us at … Continue reading Increasing Your Gas Mileage.